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The council are pursuing selling the town hall off to a developer. To that end, they are holding a meeting on Monday 16th March at 7pm. They have called it a public consultation but have not publicised it or made it otherwise known.
If what we want for Crouch End is an expression of the area, a focus around which the community can gather, somewhere that personifies us, then we have to lobby them to think again.
To impose a block of flats onto this beautiful building would be hard to live with, an anonymous dead space in the middle of such a vibrant, creative community is a misplaced planning consent. We all understand that it will take money to maintain such a lovely place, and a commercial agenda is needed, but we can ask the council to think beyond flats, and consider models that would hold the council up as setting an example, where others may follow.

Come to Hornsey Town Hall at  7pm this Monday and voice your concerns.


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