Dewan Demmer Photography



Address: 14a Priory Road, Crouch End, N8 7RD

Telephone: 0771 636 1862

Business Contact Email: info@dewandemmer.com

Website: http://www.dewandemmer.com

Facebook page: https://facebook.com/dewandemmer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dewandemmer


About the business
I am based in Crouch End, the vibrant artistic hub of London. I am flexible with where and when I shoot however, and will happily travel throughout the UK if need be. With my photos, I try to capture the essence of a person – my photos are about more than a pretty picture; for example – the joy of a couple on their wedding day, or the excitement of a newly engaged couple with their whole lives ahead of them. Those are the images I look for. Because they’re your memories.

Hours of business
9 am – 8 pm Monday to Friday. As a wedding photographer I generally work on the weekends too!