Fresh Living Yoga + Nutrition


Address: 13 Carysfort Road, N8 8RA

Telephone: 07864650065

Business Contact Email: freshliving1@gmail.com

Website: www.freshlivingyoganutrition.com

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About the business
Yoga can transform the way we feel, both physically and mentally. While it strengthens and tones us, it also provides clarity and calms the mind. Yoga powerfully impacts the body as a whole, particularly stimulating the immune, digestive, glandular and nervous systems. It focuses us on the present, establishing a deep mind-body connection. This conscious awareness reduces stress and helps to release unnecessary clutter in the mind. A regular yoga practice will steadily improve your energy, concentration, stamina, resilience and enjoyment of life. Filled with self exploration and discovery, we can uncover a great deal of freedom in the process.

Hours of business
Refer to the Fresh Living Yoga + Nutrition website for class details.