Medical Herbalist & Stress Therapist at Petter Pharmacy Wellness Clinic



Address: 49-51 The Broadway, Crouch End N8 8DT

Telephone: 020 7127 4682

Business Contact Email: relax@TurquoiseRay.com

Website: www.TurquoiseRay.com

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/herbalremedieswithtracy

Twitter: @TracyTutty

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=2949652&trk=tab_pro

About the business
Tracy Tutty is a medical herbalist, healer and stress therapist with a particular interest in helping people with digestive disorders and stress-related conditions. She is passionate about sharing the lost art of making herbal remedies and believes the most healing herbal medicine is the one you make for yourself. This is something Tracy refers to as ‘The Great Remembering’ because once upon a time this skill was handed down from mother to daughter.

Tracy believes your body knows exactly what it needs to heal itself. As a medical herbalist, her job is to connect you with the herb or herbs that will support your healing process. As a stress therapist and healer, Tracy creates a relaxing and safe environment which allows your body to direct its own healing process. Stress leaves clues and Tracy is able to trace those clues back to the source of your stress so that you can change stressful responses into more helpful ones.

She holds a first class Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Health Sciences (Herbal Medicine) from the University of Westminster and was recipient of the Nutricentre CAM Award for ‘best overall performance in the year’ for each of the three years she was at the University of Westminster. She is also a Chartered Accountant and has taught clinical skills to herbal medicine students at the University of Westminster.

Hours of business
Saturday 10am to 3pm