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Address: 328 Muswell Hill Broadway, London N10 3DJ

Telephone: 020 8444 2222

Business Contact Email: info@muswellhillcars.com

Website: www.muswellhillcars.com

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About the business
Muswell Hill Cars is a licensed private hire operator. Muswell Hill Cars were established originally in 1990 and have over the years built up a network of variety of vehicles serving our customers, to and from all London and surrounding airports and other destinations.

Muswell Hill Cars is regulated by the Public Carriage Office and operate in accordance with the criteria stated and are monitored on a regular basis. It is our policy to adhere to these criteria and improve upon the guidelines provided in order to provide a high quality of service. All our drivers have been through stringent checks to ensure they are capable, courteous and aware of their responsibilities. As well as licensing the office, the Public Carriage Office also regularly checks and licenses all our drivers and vehicles.

Muswell Hill Cars can provide saloon cars, estate cars, people carriers for up to six passengers. We have a large fleet of over 100 vehicles and can accommodate all your needs as required.

We follow a strict code of practice regarding health and safety within the workplace, and maintain the highest standards of service. A copy of our health and safety policy can be obtained from our office on request.

Customer satisfaction is always our primary objective and goal and we carry this out to the best of our abilities.

Muswell Hill Cars provide account facilities to a large number of local authority clients and private companies and can proudly list a number of happy and satisfied customers.

We cater for large groups of people travelling to airports, theatres, taking tours or in general going to any particular destination. Muswell Hill Cars are always keen to provide the tailored service in accordance with the needs of the customer.

Hours of business
365 days a year from 00:00 to 24:00 everyday