Singing lessons in Crouch End


Address: Crouch End

Telephone: 07767815271

Business Contact Email: maddie.hetherington@gmail.com

Website: http://maddie-hetherington.wix.com/crouch-end-singing

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About the business
Singing is fun and singing lessons are fun.

I am a professional singer offering lessons from my studio in Crouch End, London. My students include professional actors and singers, mature age beginners, young adults and children. I enjoy teaching a variety of styles including classical, music theatre and jazz.

For beginners: You don’t need to be able to read music or have any previous singing experience. I taught my lovely brother to sing after his teachers had told him that he was tone deaf. He does a rather brilliant rendition of ‘I was born under a wondering star’ nowadays.

For young adults and children: I prepare students for exams and/or auditions. I also have students who are interesting in singing for fun and students wishing to learn music theory alongside the basics of good singing.

For professionals: I teach actors and music theatre and classical performers. I can work on your audition arias and/or focus on establishing a healthy or healthier technique. I have taught, and happily teach, professionals who don’t read music but learn ‘by ear’.

Normally all lessons are one-to-one although group lessons can be arranged.

One-to-one rate: £40 per hour.

For those under 16, I would normally recommend a half hour session (£20).​

​*Cancellations made within 24 hours are payable in full.

Hours of business